The Pansit de Formentera remains faithful to the pursuit of excellence at the Cap de Barbaria winery, obtaining 96 points in the prestigious Peñín Guide, the highest score achieved by a wine from the Balearic Islands.

A quirk in the fermentation process,  and some different production methods have allowed us to achieve a unique wine that contrasts hints of citrus with Chinese oranges and honey.

Cap de Barbaria reveals its best-kept treasure, a “wine of wines” born from the art of making wine with love.

Our dream, today unveiled: of a love for the land.

It all starts on a small Mediterranean island, Formentera, and like almost all dreams, passion, infatuation and love are the drivers of this great little story.

The Cap de Barbaria winery was founded in 2000, with the aim of producing a wine that expresses the hidden personality of the island of Formentera,  far from its spectacular beaches.

Cap de Barbaria is a vineyard stressed by lack of water, in a difficult and hot climate that requires patience, perseverance and of course, talent. The sandy surface, the calcareous stones force us to reduce the contact with the grape skin to maintain the primary aromas.

The result of much care and persistence, led by Xavier Figuerola 

(winemaker at the estate), made with the Atlantic varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Monastrell and the native Fogoneu, the Cap de Barbaria was born in 2003.

Soon our wine was recognized and loved by renowned wine critics such as Robert Parker and José Peñín, who awarded scores of up to 95 points. The wine was selected to participate in the select club of the 100 best wines in Spain. Later it was recognized as the best wine in the Balearic Islands.