Bodega Soterraña

D.O. Rueda

Bodegas La Soterraña was born as an ambitious project put together by several friends, all unconditional lovers of wine and involved in various aspects of the wine profession for many years (winemakers, winegrowers, etc.).

Their passion for wine – and the Verdejo variety in particular – encouraged them to indulge themselves, to make a Verdejo white wine under the DO Rueda for the sole purpose of outstanding quality and excellence. For this reason, Bodegas La Soterraña was established in 2006 in the town of Olmedo (a traditional land of kings and knights in Spain), a quality wine area “par excellence” within the Denomination of Origin.

Bodega Nairoa

D.O. Ribeiro

Our ancestral vines grow on the sunny slopes of the beautiful region of “Arnoia”, at an average altitude of 200 m. above sea level, where granite soils and an Atlantic climate give a distinct quality to our wines.

A traditional viticulture with low yields, guarantees the character of our grapes that reflect both the varietal, and the “terroir”. The grapes of the highest quality arrive at the winery, where they are treated with the utmost care and respect, so that our wines carry the identity of these Galician lands.

Bodega Roquesán

D.O. Ribera de Duero

The winery was founded in 1964, the result of the union of almost 200 winegrowers, and has been part of the Ribera de Duero DO since its inception.

Starting with centuries-old vineyards, with low yields but of the highest quality, combining the best of tradition with the most advanced technology, we obtain a product that is among the best in our DO.

Roquesán, our wine, one the good things in life. Because it is clear that we are talking about a wine that is “an authentic Ribera de Duero”.


Bodega Hacienda Grimón

D.O.C. La Rioja

Founded in 1999 by Paco Oliván, Hacienda Grimón is a small family winery located in the Jubera Valley, in the heart of the Rioja DOC, on the slopes of Camero Viejo.

The Oliván family has a long history, and years of experience in agriculture, wine and livestock.

Hacienda Grimón

Bodega Los Aljibes

I.G.P. Vino de la Tierra de Castilla

Los Aljibes Winery is located on the Los Aljibes Estate, in the municipality of Chinchilla de Montearagón, Albacete; this area corresponds to the Denomination of Origin Vino de la Tierra de Castilla. The winery building, which is designed in the typical La Mancha style, is surrounded by 178 hectares of vineyards, cultivated at an altitude of almost a thousand meters. Los Aljibes is dedicated to producing expressive wines in which functionality and modernity blend perfectly offering great value.

Bodega Cap de Barbaria

D.O. Formentera

The soil, with notable differences within each plot, varies from very sandy in the Merlot area to very stony in the Cabernet area. The stone is calcareous, which aggravates the effects of lack of water, causing additional stress to the plant. This idiosyncracy of the soil, together with a difficult climate (normally dry and hot in summer) make maturation difficult, and the hand selection of the grapes on the vine becomes critical.