The Wine Bird is born from the passion, knowledge, experience, respect, desire and love of wine, which for years has been shared by all the members of our team.

We are multicultural, open to diversity, committed to teamwork without borders, and after years of experience we have come to the same conclusion: to commit to and love, above all, Spanish wine. In all its simplicity, complexity, as well as the variety of its various regions, the effort of the winegrowers and all those globetrotters, who firmly and decisively carry the wine in their suitcases all over the world.

The Wine Bird begins with the dream of flying — flying high — like a bird and without fear. First of all in Spain, looking for unknown wineries that make us fall in love, wines with an excellent quality that must be tasted, shared, cared for, and treated with care and wisdom. And then we keep on flying, to make them known throughout the world.

There are no limits! Nor do we lack experience; we want to contribute to the wineries all our knowledge of the marketplace, and to share with the rest of the world our passion for Spanish wine.

Flying should not be frightening, and that is why we have created this company. Because we want to fly together, with you.

Would you like to get to know us?


Silvia Garrido

“The Bird”, the liberated woman and expert in international wine sales who inspires us, and who convinced us all to create something beautiful, and have a good time doing it! Spanish, originally from La Mancha, but who lives in Madrid by choice, and a true “citizen of the world”, free as a bird. She insists on flying every day, but we hold her feet to the ground, so that she can get things done.


Jose María Velasco

“The Mole”, our “wine maker”, hates being called an enologist. Educated in the finest vineyards and “terroir” of Castilla y León. He has worked with the all the leading winemakers, and because he likes to learn from the best, they in turn rely on him. The best things about “The Mole” are: how good a friend he is, his special nose for finding the best grapes and his honesty that makes him a most welcome gust at the table everywhere he goes. An “all wheel drive”, and pure soul. And a great storyteller to boot.


Peter Deutsch​

Our “gentleman”; the tallest of the bunch. English, American, Hungarian, Cuban ……. but his soul is Spanish. An expert of Spanish wine sales in the U.S.A. He always wanted to live in Palma de Mallorca, but experience, discover, and bring everything he loves about Spain to the U.S.A. He has been a wine journalist, magician, designer, philosopher of life, and the wine industry could not live without him. He might even let us ride his tractor when we visit him………..


Tim Abbeg

Our master of ceremonies, resident in Switzerland. The greatest white wine expert you will ever meet. Friend, sophisticated, refined, and very creative; an unbeatable advisor to this team when it comes to finding the true “jewels” in Spain. His intellect and taste never fail, and we love his home in Formentera. A gentleman, from head to toe.


Our "little bird"

Tweet, tweet,……….All the places I haven’t seen.